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Heart Chakra Singing Bowl | Crystal | F Note | 10 Inch

Heart Chakra Singing Bowl | Crystal |  F Note | 10 Inch

Singing bowls are used worldwide as a signal to begin and end meditation. It is used for relaxation, yoga, sound healing and personal well-being.
By playing this bowl, you’ll encourage healing and opening of the heart to become well again.

Play often and Shine brightly

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Crystal Heart Chakra Singing Bowl  | Including Suede Mallet

Bring the healing powers in your life or the life of someone you love with this phenomenal instrument. These are used to help in meditation, music therapy healing, religious service or personal enjoyment.

Healing Heart Chakra Opener

It provides vibrations to open and balance the heart center. It encourages the healing and become well again. It is tuned to F, vibrational frequency linked to the chakra of the heart.

What is a Heart Chakra?

The Heart Chakra is the human energy center. This is the wellspring of love and joy. Heart chakra helps us find a balance between external and internal world. It promotes deep connection to others.

High-Quality Sound

Kurma’s Crystal Bowls are carefully selected. In this way, you can be assured of getting the precise frequencies and richest sounds.

Easy to Play

Simply run the included mallet around the rim. Maintain pressure and continue the motion until the desired volume is reached. It can be played by anyone.


Suede Mallet Included, Highest Quality Sound and Material

10inch bowl

Kurma Yoga





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  1. Says:

    What a beautiful sound this produces. Very glad I got this one 🙂 Can feel it resonate throughout my body. Very soothing.

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