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Exquisite 5 Inch Tibetan Chakra Singing Bowl Made in Nepal (Brass)

Tibetan Singing bowls are used widely for day-to-day meditation, religious healing, yoga, relaxation, sound therapy and even for personal enjoyment.
The sound produced by this singing bowl influences our brain waves thereby enhances relaxation and calmness. These sound often produces tranquility, relieves stress, depression, pain and anxiety. It impacts our overall well-being.

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Exquisite 5 Inch Tibetan Chakra Singing Bowl Made in Nepal (Brass)

This Tibetan Singing bowl is one of the historic meditation equipment. It has a lot of Tibetan Mantras on the opening and Tibetan Symbols inside and underneath the bowl.

Tibetan Singing Bowls are manufactured in Nepal and used all over the world for meditation, massage, music therapy, and healing, religious services and for personal enjoyment.

Use for Treatment

These singing bowls are used by psychotherapist, massage therapies and meditation specialist. It can also be used to help in the treatment of cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder. These can also be used in classrooms to help the students to focus.

Perfect Gift

Treat yourself of someone you love with this expertly crafted Tibetan Singing Bowl. It has the look of traditional handicraft from Nepal. Singing bowls produce sounds that are beneficial to our well-being. The warm tone, vibration, and harmonic overtones provide benefits to our body.

How to Play

To play a singing bowl, simply hold the bowl gently in your palm, allowing the body of the bowl to vibrate freely. Rub the wooden stick to the outside rim in a circular motion with even pressure. Gently increase the speed as the bowl begins to vibrate and the sound grows. You may also tap the bowl to start the vibration.

Size: 5″ Diameter





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