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Our Zafu Meditation Cushions and Zabuton Meditation Cushions are some of the best meditation pillows and cushions you’ll find.  Find Meditation Cushion Sets, Meditation Cushions for Back Pain or some of the Best meditation cushions for beginners. Our Buddhist Meditation Pillows come in a variety of materials including Cotton Cushions (recommended for Zabutons) as well as the more traditional Kapok Meditation Cushions and Buckwheat Cushions often used for Zafu’s and more traditionally – provide more durability and contour to the body.  You’ll find a wide selection and variety of high-quality cushions and meditation pillows below.  Which meditation cushion will you choose for your practice?

  • 2pc Set – Black/Gray Zabuton Zafu for Yoga and Meditation – Thick and Overfilled Seat Cushion – Exclusively by Blowout Bedding RN# 142035

    Your perfect companion for your meditation and yoga is fulfilled with our Zafu and Zabuton Meditation set. Both are packed with very dense material for the firmness yet comfortable.
    Our Zabuton cushion is made with enough space to remain off the floor and be comfortable while moving. While the Zafu cushion provides better elevation. Use together to feel the comfort you deserve and help you in concentration.


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  • AGPtEK Ultra Soft Comfortable Wired Sleep Headphones Eye Mask Built-in HD Audio Speaker,Perfect for Bedtime & Travel &Meditation

    Sleep for a better life with AGPtEK Sleep Headphones Eye Mask. Healthier relief for insomnia unlike sleeping aids, pills and supplements.

    Sleep longer and deeper with complete darkness as it blocks bight sunlight and guarantees good sleep which reduces risks on major health issues and illness.

    $29.99 $17.99

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  • Alexia Meditation Seat Ergonimically Correct Cushion

    Alexia Meditation Seat is cushioned to improve your posture by aligning your spine.

    Say goodbye to back, knees, feet and ankle pains, restore your energy and clear your mind.

    Improve your posture with Alexia Meditation Seat


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  • Awaken Meditation Natural Cotton White Round Zafu Cushion for Daily Stress Relief, Relaxation & Holistic Health …

    Specially designed to help in meditation by relieving pressure on knees, ankles and lower back. It includes soft and microfiber cover and internal cushion of buckwheat filling.

    (Diameter x Height) 11″x7″


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  • Awaken Zafu Sets (Purple)

    Awaken Zabuton & Crescent Zafu cushion set is your perfect meditation set that gives you comfort as you sit meditating in all-natural cotton meditation mat and cushions filled with buckwheat. The use of meditation mat and cushion permits to longer meditation and helps in formation of relaxing thoughts.

    100% Cotton, Machine Washable with removable cover
    Mat: L x W x H (31″ x 27″ x 4″)
    Cushion: 7″ diameter
    Comes with carry strap for easy transport


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  • Brand New Zabuton Zafu Set, Yoga, Meditation Seat Cushions, Kneeling, Sitting, Supporting Exercise Pratice Zabuton & Zafu Cushions. (Burgundy)

    Brand New Black/Burgundy Zabuton Zafu Set is your perfect meditation set that gives you comfort as you sit meditating in all-natural cotton meditation mat and cushions. The use of meditation mat and cushion permits to longer meditation and helps in formation of relaxing thoughts.



    Zabuton: 36” x 28” x 3”

    Zafu: 15” x 9” x 6”


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  • Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow, Made in California, Oval

    Experience comfort and avoid distractions with Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow Cushion. Bid goodbye to physical discomfort and allow yourself for deeper level of meditation.


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  • Bucky Serenity Meditation, Compression Hot/Cold Therapy Buckwheat Seed Eyemask, Sage

    Use heated or chilled – microwave for warmth or chill in the freezer
    Feels like you’re at the spa without leaving your home – the perfect amount of pressure is applied to your eyes
    Great for puffy eyes, sinus pain, headaches and hot flashes


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  • Chattra Plum Bagh Zafu & Jali Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set

    Bring with you divine energies when you meditate whether at home or while teaching meditation in a quiet studio with Chattra Plum Bagh Zafu & Plum Jali Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set
    • Provides good alignment of Spine
    • Provides support and comfort on meditation and pranayama
    • Artisan crafted in beautiful hand-block print in plum color


    Zafu: Diameter x Height (11″ x 7.5″) pleated sides; (filled with US grown buckwheat hulls)
    Zabuton: L x W x H inches (28 x 28 x 2.5) filled with US grown clean cotton


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  • Chinese Pillow, 12″x6″x4″, 100% Kapok-filled, Blue Tones.

    Chinese Pillow is used traditionally by Chinese healers and Thai Massage therapist as knee bolster and headrest. Made by Kapok Dreams with 100% Kapok filling to ensure firmness and durability. Made with beautiful design that meets quality, comfort and fuctionality

    Dimension: (L x W x H ) 12″x6″x4″


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  • Creazy® Large Mandala Floor Pillows Round Bohemian Meditation Cushion Cover (Color C)

    Large Mandala Floor Pillows  




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  • Crown Sporting Goods 18″ Round Heavy Canvas Zafu Meditation Cushion (Red)

    Take a seat tall, Relax, Breathe in and out, and Clear your thoughts. Historically, zafus have been used for many years to help reach deeper level of meditation. By moderately raising your lower torso, Zafus helps relieve joint pains on knees, ankles and hips.


    Give the best present of deeper meditation to family, friends, loved-ones and even yourself.

    $34.37 $26.15

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