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With such a great selection of Natural Anti-Anxiety Supplements and Products here at My Dharma Store, you really can’t go wrong.  Restore your Inner Peace and Calm with natural supplements like theanine, magnesium, chamomile, valerian, GABA, 5-htp, passionflower, melatonin, and more!  Find natural stress relievers and healthier natural Xanax replacements like Tranquilix, Tranquilene, and Alprazium amongst many others

  • #1 FORMULA Zenphorol® Stress and Anxiety Relief | Reduces Symptoms of Depression and Panic Attacks. Boost Mood, Aid Restful Sleep, Promotes Physical and Mental Well-Being | 1530mg

    ZENPHOROL – top-of-the-line herbal stress and anxiety Aid product in the marketplace.

    ✓ Cut back anxiety
    ✓ Cut back panic attacks
    ✓ Cut back stress
    ✓ Advertise physical and psychological smartly-being
    ✓ Spice up mood
    ✓ Assist restful sleep

    $69.99 $39.99

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  • 1Hour Break® Kava Kava Spray for Anxiety


    1Hour Break Kava Oral Spray, the first oral spray that relieves stress and enhance mood in one spray. It is all natural safe and effective, non-GMO, vegan formula from organic plants and herbs. It is also gluten-free, no-sting formula and non-habit forming.

    Instant stress relief by only spraying in your mouth and swallow making you feel relaxed and calm. This 1Hour Break Kava Oral Spray also helps with someone who is having a hard time to quit smoking. As Kava and Lobelia Herb offers a natural way of managing the nerves and anxiety while promoting relaxation response.


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  • Alprazium – All Natural Stress Relief & Anti-Anxiety Supplement from Nutratech


    Bid goodbye to those paralyzing fear and doubt you have and get the best quality of your life back with Nutratech’s Alprazium. Your Natural Dietary Supplement to help you manage your stress, tension, and anxiety.

    Be calmer and at ease handling challenging situation without interfering with your usual routine.

    Our sole purpose is to give 100% customer satisfaction with a dietary supplement made with natural and high-quality ingredients.


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  • Anti Anxiety | Emori Essential Oil Blend 10ML


    Helps with different conditions such as anxiety, pain, and migraines.

    Used as Spray Drops to keep your room with pleasant scent.

    Used as aromatherapy, compress, inhalation, massage and body oils.


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  • ANXIETEZETM -Ease Stress & Anxiety- 60ct Capsules – MAXIMUM STRENGTH FORMULA (1-60ct Box) Promotes Calm & Recuperative Sleep at Night w/ Controlled Focus and Positive Mood Enhancement During the Day

    Anxieteze is clinically formulated to create good mood and relaxation, at the same time as serving to to cut back anxiety and stress. An actual mix of natural ingredients were chosen after scientific studies and analysis displayed good results. This formula is helping alleviate the stressed and enhance brain focus for day by day activities. Anxieteze also helps to cut back fatigue.

    Anxieteze blocks feelings of fatigue and stress. It also allow for more healthy sleep and calms your body.

    Gluten Free. No additives.


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  • AromaWorks Aromatherapy RELAX Pocket Inhaler (Natural Calm)

    Aromatherapy made simple with RELAX Pocket Inhaler. A cotton backbone placed inside the base of the inhaler to ease frazzled nerves and soothe worriness and gives hope that wont make you feel sleepy nor disrupt professional efficiency.

    This Aromatherapy will balance your system while allowing you to face everything without feeling agitated nor upset. Non-Habit forming and safe for adults, teens and children 5and up.

    Blend of 5 essential oils: Bergamot and Orange, Lemon, Sandalwood and Vanilla.

    RELAX Pocket Inhaler works fast and impacts the mind immediately while it comes in pocket size inhaler so you can use and bring anytime, everytime.


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  • Bergamot Essential Oil 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade


    100% NATURAL CALABRIAN BERGAMOT OIL is perfect for people who want to loosen up and relax. Our oil can relieve anxiety, muscle and joint pain; reduce congestion of the airways while killing germs and bacteria.

    Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

    Relief from stress and anxiety
    Soothes skin irritations
    Helps with Digestive system

    $16.95 $11.95

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  • Bestvitality Premim Natural Homeopathic Stress, Panic and Anti Anxiety Relief Supplement (L-theanine – 150mg) Supports Mental Clarity 60 Vegetarian Capsules – Made in USA

    BestVitality All-Natural Stress Relief Supplement advantages

    • Boosts mental focal point and clarity
    • Decreases stress
    • Improves mood
    • Protected and powerful formula
    • Reduces anxiety and blood pressure

    Cut back your stress and support your mood with a revolutionary All-Natural Stress Relief Supplement (L-Theanine) by BestVitality Stress happens to us all. From kids to work to bills, there is now not limit to how much stress is put on our minds and bodies each and every and on a daily basis. And regardless that you’ve got creative outlets, you’ll better enhance your stress reduction with a powerful, all-natural stress relief supplement by BestVitality.

    All-Natural Stress Relief Supplement is crafted right in America the use of Just right Manufacturing Practice, so you understand it’s an outstanding product. Being able to Cut back stress, building up relaxation and put you in a positive mood, that is one over the counter supplement that allow you to are living a more healthy, happier way of life.


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  • Calm Natural Anti Stress Calming Supplement with Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid

    Help reduce stress and anxiety with Calm Natural Anti Stress All- Natural Calming Supplement. Formulated by doctors with key ingredients to assist brain improve its function and alertness.

    Get the most out of your day. Calm Natural Anti Stress All- Natural Calming Supplement is designed for people who want to live a stress-free life.

    Perform at your best all day long with Calm Natural Anti Stress All- Natural Calming Supplement. Made from Vitamins and Minerals which are scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and the effects of stress.

    Enjoy Positive Mood with Calm Natural Anti Stress All- Natural Calming Supplement. Helps you improve mood and feel motivated. This will also assist in feeling of more energy and positivity.

    All Natural Ingredients, no binders, no fillers or artificial ingredients.


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  • Calmquil | Herbal Anxiety Relief Supplement, 60 Capsules

    Achieve the best quality of your life faster with Calmquil Anxiety Relief, your solution to regain control on your life and overall well-being.



    • Decreases feelings of stress and anxiety.
    • Packed with blend of 9 clinically tested herbs and vitamins.
    • Proven stress and anxiety supplement that improves well-being and overall health .

    Manufactured in a FDA Certified facility.

    Continuous usage increases the effectivity and support to handle difficult situations with ease.

    Choose Calmquil and rest assured that you are taking the best anti-anxiety supplement.


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  • Crystal Clear Anxiety Relief Formula | Stress Support and Serotonin

    Feel calm and focused with Crystal Clear Anxiety Formula. Get back to feeling less stressed, less depressed. less anxious and more focused.

    Get rid of unpredictable mood swings and anxiety. Crystal Clear Anxiety Formula whill help keep negative feelings away while enhancing your mood positively. Also helps your body relax and reducing your anxiety levels.

    Helps with Cognitive health while calming stress and enhancing relaxation.

    Made with all natural ingredients with easy to swallow capsules.

    $49.97 $16.47

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  • Decelerol+ Natural Anxiety Relief Supplement 60 Capsules

    Decelerol+ Relaxation Supplement is ideal for professionals, adults, parents or someone who is feeling stress and is taking a look to slow down after a long day. Also great for someone just in search of natural calm & relaxation supplement.

    We consider you’re going to love DECELEROL+. Find out why a lot of other people use DECELEROL+ on a daily basis and liked it! Get yours now.

    Natural Anti- Anxiety while providing relaxation and mood support.
    Fast Acting Product
    Recommended by Doctors.
    Potent Ingredients can be taken once a day.

    $49.99 $5.92

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